Art Argument

For me, the artistic act means to communicate, to have a certain connection with those around you, with your inner as well as your outside self, with your own self, through vibrations of your soul that generate artistic attitudes. Thus art presumes honesty. It is wonderful to reach the unlimited by being aware of the diversity of the universe around you as well as your inner one.

I have always avoided to exist in a closed, limited space, fearing to step in the same place, with the same footsteps, repeating, coming back, but not for the sake of getting to know it better or making it perfect, but in the favour of an automatism that alters the freedom to express yourself.

I am in a continuous search, always on the move, although I know I will only find something that would make me happy only for the moment. I am waiting for tomorrow to start it all over again. I can feel the beginning very close and that is why I still feel very „young”.
I have the availability and the pleasure to use any material, conventional or unconventional, that can be used in the process of artistic creation. I have enjoyed experimenting and mixing forms of expression as diverse as possible, in order to enhance the expressivity and sharpness of the message and its meaning.

I also tried to find bridges of connection among forms and artistic practices, by combining them and thus getting surprising satisfactions.
I am passionate about the relationship between bi and three-dimensional, about the relationship between chromatic and achromatic, about the power of the plastic sign and the forms it can receive, about the relationship between the sign and significance, about the respect for tradition and innovation, up to the unconventional.

The etching has fascinated me and determined me to take action not for the sake of multiplication of the art work, but for the sake of the fascinating universe of the art sign, either etched or printed. The etching is a state that presupposes premeditation, anticipation, as well as the happening, hazard. I tried to have in the sign, firstly itched and then traditionally printed, with itching presses that are hundreds of year’s old, to be put in a relationship with the signs that were digitally generated and printed.
Many times the idea and the message, bearing a certain emotion, determine me to get and attraction towards the representation technique, towards the means to be used and towards the way these means will be used. I never got used to a certain style, because I did not want to step in the trap of routine and repetition.

Each moment is for me an opportunity to realise that everything is irreversible, unrepeatable and new. The moods are feelings are different every time. Sometimes I am thinking more than I feel, so what!… The important thing is that something is happening! That certain something that belongs to me, built within my soul and my mind, is many times given to those next to us, in order to show that it is possible to have it like this too.

I feel everything around us, I live together with everything around me, and I can’t ignore or to leave aside the pain, the joy, the struggle, the angst, the restlessness, the happiness, the wondering … and everything that is able to exist between morning and night, between start and finish, between life and death. I tried to gather all these feelings in a cycle of works called Memories from the imediate Reality – reflexions, opinions, and attitudes, generated by the existence and the deeds of people next and beyond me. Many times we look in the mirror and we see an image of ourselves that seems not to coincide with the reality. That is because many times we don’t know who we are anymore. I wanted us to look together in a large mirror and to get back to who we are supposed to be.

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